The City of Loserville

Lately, I’ve been dealing with a lot of irresponsible, unaccountable, delusional types – ie, LOSERS! My default comeback is that they need to move to the town of Loserville. To humor myself, I started truly imagining what this town would look like and I already know who would be living there!

What Loserville would look like:

  • Electric and Gas would be shut off because it’s been overdue and unpaid
  • Beanbags stores would be making an killing because it’s a highly sought item in Loserville
  • What else? TBD.

Don’t invest in Loserville though! Even though the population is rising, it is a BAD investment – all the habitants here do not pay for anything on time, including their utilities, and rent!


Two Promises in a Single Vow.

To make a vow to love another no matter what Рeven after the worst form of betrayal are actually two promises that are made Р1) that  you will love the other no matter what 2) that you trust that they will never betray you.