Internal Work

Still in Boston…and again, and am in that mode of self-doubt…I wanted to complete at least 1 goal, (OK, maybe 2 goals today) —

  1. Write a Blog Post (to get re-centered, and gain self-awareness)
  2. Buy supplies and make a macrame planter

Knowing myself, there are many goals of the day but I probably only count 2. Why those 2? Probably because those are the only tangible outcomes of the work. And again, knowing myself, the outcomes of the ‘real work’ that I do are not always physically manifested, but internal.

While I value inner wisdom/truth more than the material, why do I credit work that produce a tangible outcome so much more than the internal ‘work?”

Is it because it is more sharable ?

Does the intangible, internal work not have an ability to produce a widespread benefit?

Strangely enough, I know that the inner wisdom actually is a more impactful, and valuable in society. It tickles down to every thought, every action, that we put into the universe – and which, the universe responds to. The very essence of our being is formulated by how we shape our minds, what we say, how we say it, and what we do.

Knowing this, I am still puzzled by how little credit I give to myself with how much WORK I put into my inner-worlds…

To be updated with my Macrame Planter 🙂



Why Boston?

{Move Date: Tues, Feb 19}

So I had so many reasons but not 1 strong reason. When people ask, “Why Boston?” These have been some responses:

  • Work is there
  • I’ve always wanted to move there
  • I want a new start
  • I want to have the East Coast experience
  • I’ve fallen in love with the seasons
  • I went there in 2009 and I was inspired seeing a woman cry by the river, and though, “what  a beautiful place to cry.’
  • My supporting direction is East, and my Feng Shui lady said to move to Boston in 2019.

…and probably other reasons.

My most compelling unintentional (however, possibly subconscious) reason was that I felt I was on the same cycle as the seasons – reminders, and or reasons to  hibernate/recuperate, season to bloom, season of movement, season to be festive and warm…and repeat.

The City of Loserville

Lately, I’ve been dealing with a lot of irresponsible, unaccountable, delusional types – ie, LOSERS! My default comeback is that they need to move to the town of Loserville. To humor myself, I started truly imagining what this town would look like and I already know who would be living there!

What Loserville would look like:

  • Electric and Gas would be shut off because it’s been overdue and unpaid
  • Beanbags stores would be making an killing because it’s a highly sought item in Loserville
  • What else? TBD.

Don’t invest in Loserville though! Even though the population is rising, it is a BAD investment – all the habitants here do not pay for anything on time, including their utilities, and rent!