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Wire Jewelry January 19, 2008

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So I’ve been on a shopping frenzy for handmade jewelry. Almost every night I go on ebay looing for cool new jewelry. I just love the ring and earrings I got from Rosarito so much that I want to look for more jewelry like this. I was online and I stumbled onto a website for all things handmade. Its such an awesome site. I could really be on this site forever. They have things from clothing, stationary, jewelry, candles, etc. Everything is so darned cute on that site.

So thats how I kinda got inspired with trying to make my own jewelry. I went to Michael’s to get the supplies. Then my Michael had some old computer parts around and we got some of the wire from that and it was perfect for wrapping. It was just a lil bent though. I’m hoping to find some more at the hardware store (if thats where they sell them…)

 I dont know many wrapping techniques, but I’m playing around and hopefully I can learn how to make more intricate designs and have a better eye for color combinations. The simple ones are very easy.

I hope you like these 🙂


One Response to “Wire Jewelry”

  1. deliasstones Says:

    I like the first earring best of all. Nice. 🙂

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