Turquoise Stitch Earrings and GG’s Earrings

Memorial Day weekend was great. I haven’t updated and will do that soon. (Its already Father’s Day weekend!). TIme flies so quickly.

I’ve made some new earrings. When I was down in LA, I gave some necklaces to my sister at her BBQ. GG (great grandmother) from my sister’s husband’s side was there. She’s always so cute and happy and gives everyone these big kisses. She loved the necklace my sister got so I thought she’d be happy if I made her some thing too.  These simple and dangly earrings would look so cute on her. While I was at it, I also made another pair for my friend Gilles’ mom.

The second pair was started from wanting to use up some tuquoise beads my sister gave me. I used deep red seed beads to create a Flat Peyote stitch. Using this a component, I attahced 3 turqouise beads to create a dangly effect. I am so proud of this piece. The design is all original from me, and the ultimate question I ask myself is, “would you buy these if you saw them at a store.” Without bias, my immediate response is “YES!”

Turquoise Stitch Earrings





GG’s Earrings





Jalen Necklace

I had been thinking about making a necklace for a while now. I mean, I have tons of earrings already and I rarely wear bracelets so why not make necklaces? Here’s my attempt at a necklace. It actually took me a while to come up with the right balance, colors, length and overall design. (This is usually the most time consuming part). Through trial and error, I finally came up with something I loved.

…And its for Helen, my sister.

I meant to make her earrings a LONG time ago, but just became so overwhelmed because I wanted it perfect. So overwhelmed that I delayed it. Finally, I asked her what kind of earring she wanted and its been a while that she requested necklaces instead, so here it is:


The Jalen Necklace

This is the perfect necklace for your everyday wear — its delicate, feminine, simple, yet intricate. This asymetrical necklace is a one of a kind (OOAK) designed by me, made with the finest semi precious stones and swarovski crystals. It compliments any style — accentuates earth tones, and adds color to your darker outfits. For everyday, I would recommend this necklace with simple attire, or earth tones. To switch it up for evening wear, this  necklace works well with darker colors to give it that extra contrast/glow. Theres so much sparkle in this necklace that its guaranteed to turn heads 🙂

This pretty necklace features a semi-precious stone as the focal bead. Loaded with sparkle, Two 8mm bicone, three 4mm Swarovski Crystals, one pink 10mm teardrop Swarovski Crystals surround the stone, with an additional brass bird charm (Jalen – “bird of Light”) ready to take flight. The chain was gently linked with Korean Jade beads, alternating with 8mm Swarovski crystal at every fourth bead. Everthing comes together at the toggle clasp. The necklace hangs approx 12.5 inches long.
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Aria Necklace

And here is …………………


The Aria Necklace

This is the perfect necklace for your everyday wear — its delicate, feminine, and simple. This asymetrical and versatile necklace is a Dainty Details original one of a kind designed and handcrafted by me; made with the semi precious peridot stones, glass beads and swarovski crystals.

The Aria necklace features a white glass leaf bead as the focal bead. Peridot stones and alternating 8mm round Swarovski Crystals, bring the necklace full circle, fastened together asymetrically with a toggle clasp. The necklace hangs approx 14.5 inches long.






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The Perfect Bride

So once again my co-worker Alanna has asked me to make more jewelry! (hehe….she must’ve loved the Haircomb 🙂 ). This time, she wanted simple 1920’s inspired jewelry to go with her wedding theme. When she asked, how could I have turned her down? She’s everything a bride-to-be, should be –calm, happy and simple.  She was the perfect bride to make jewelry for.

Her wedding is this weekend and yet she was so laid back…. She took the day off  from work and went shopping–and it wasnt even for the wedding!






Karen’s Earrings

One of my best gal buddies Karen aka “Karebare” has asked me to make 2 pairs of earrings. One light blue and dangly, and the other in darker blue and dangly. Both simple. I knew that making this would be a challenge since our taste is so opposite! I tried my best to stick to what I think she likes. By the time I was done, I was suprised at how much I liked it, and I thought “oh no! if I like it, that might mean that Karen might not like it.” We’ll have to wait and see!


These pretty pair of earrings features a light seagreen Czech flower as the focal bead. Silver colored wire was strung through and hammered flat to create a spiral flower bud. Accented with a clear 4mm Swarovski crystal to add extra sparkle. Connecting the flower piece, I additionally used two blue and one clear 4mm Swarovski crystals to create more color accents and sparkle.

Update: Hooray! Karen loves them 🙂


Alanna’s Haircomb

My coworker Alanna, has asked me to make this haircomb for her wedding  similiar to this picture.


 I finally finished it!


This is the perfect hair accessory for formal or bridal wear — its timeless, yet contemporary. It’s elegant, feminine, and striking. Its a versatile hairpiece that compliments any hair style, whether its an updo (recommendations to be worn with a bun or chignon). This also works well with soft curls to create that perfect romantic look.

This pretty metal haircomb features four delicately arranged Fern Leaves made of Swarovski Crystals and Freshwater Pearls. The 4mm Freshwater Pearls were gently handwrapped on silver colored wire, alternating with twinkly dome 4mm Swarovski Cyrstals. The comb is approx 4 inches width x 3 inches length. 


Praying for Sun

Mike and I are heading down to LA tonight. Can’t wait to be home…can’t wait for some good grub…can’t wait to see family…cant wait to see friends…and praying for some SUN.

I was hoping to go to the beach, but it looks like its going to be a cold weekend 😦

On a happy note, I’m wearing my new crocheted ice cream necklace. Sooo cute! I’m totally lovin it. Its handmade from this girl named Emi in Santa Monica. I choose the colors and I’m glad the mint chips came out nicely!

Hand Crocheted Ice Cream Necklace

Geeky Clay Earrings

Looks like Mike and I are staying in this Friday night. The place is a MESS! There is trash to be taken out, dishes to be washed, laundry to be done, and rooms to be cleaned.

We havent started cleaning just yet, but we’ve (esp. Mike) is playing Wii and here I am on the computer! Looks like its going to be a long night!

Anyway, I’d like for your opinion on these, please respond in the comments section — Would you buy these? I personally find these to be the cutest thing ever. Theyre, handmade too!


Nintendo Game boy video game toy Earrings original miniature retro polymer clay CUSTOMIZABLE clip on or regular - can also be a charm or pendant for a necklace or cell phone

Nintendo NES Game Cartridge Set of Earrings - CHOOSE ANY 2 GAMES YOU WANT for your set -  80's video game toy original miniature polymer clay earrings CUSTOMIZABLE - can also be a charm or pendant for a necklace or cell phone

Nintendo NES controller 80's video game original miniature retro toy pop culture icon polymer clay earrings CUSTOMIZABLE - can also be made into a charm or pendant for a bracelet necklace or cell phone

  Would you buy these earrings?

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3) NO — They’re tooo nerdy!

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Its been a while, but so much has happened so far!

1.) I signed up for a site on etsy –www.daintydetails.etsy.com

2.) My co-worker, Alanna has asked me to make hairpiece for her wedding next month!

3.) My jewelry will officially be sold in Palo Alto at Teri Luras Crandall!!

4.) Bought a bunch of beads, supplies, etc!

It’s been awesome. I can’t believe how fun its been. More updates to come shortly.