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And still no package… February 20, 2008

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I’m waiting and waiting…

 I’m not used to waiting this LONG for a package in the mail. Shouldnt it come in 3-5 days? Its been almost 2 weeks! Its scheduled to arrive tomorrow and hopefully by then I will begin making my “stuff”

 Happy Birthday to my lovely Aria. She turns 4 today! 🙂


happy birthday m! February 7, 2008

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Regular cake in a 13×9 pan


Cut it in the shape of a grand piano. I made some space for the piano keys.


Spread frosting on


Cut Ghiradelli white chocolate for piano keys


I dipped the knife in hot water and dried it so that it would cut the chocolate pieces easier. I also used semi-sweet Ghiradelli milk chocolate for the other keys.


Made a piano bench! And voila….a PIANO Cake!


Play me a song Canon in D Mike!


Oh when the saints go marching in….


More Earrings February 3, 2008

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Havent made anything in 1 week. Just been so tired and busy at work.

These sorta remind me of grapes 🙂 Lots of twisting involved. I think these are perfect for someone. They have a summery feel to it, and its perfect for the beach. …and her and I love the beach 🙂


I had to redo the ones above because I had the smaller beads on top first then the larger bead drop. Thought it looked kinda funny so I reversed it. I think it looks a lot better. 

Its superbowl Sunday and Im torn as to what to do! I havent been out all weekend (which I dont mind…) so should I go out for a switch of environment or stay in and do what I’ve been doing…(like make jewelry 😀  ) To be continued….