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Bead Frenzy January 20, 2008

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Got some new beads at Bead Frenzy in San Mateo. I wanted to make something that is more “me.” This might be my favorite one as of now. I made this with a Swarovski crystal 🙂 14k gold earring hook. I noticed that the metal ones really hurt my ears and these dont seem to give me problems at all.

My fingers are getting tired so I think Imma really slow down on this. Plus, Im getting a headache. I keep dropping stuff on the floor and it gives me a headache trying to look for it since the carpet is light brown and blends in with the wire. Anyway, enjoy!


Another pair! January 19, 2008

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 Made these before I went to the movies with Michael. Had some Chipotle’s and then headed to downtown Redwood city to see Cloverfield. Very Blairwitch-esque, especially with the camcorder thing going on. Got a headache and felt nauteous. It was an okay movie, just wouldnt watch it again. I expected a horror, but I felt that it was a “what would you do..” type movie.

Anyway, wanted to try different colors for this pair. I was thinking that since Chinese New Year was around the corner, something red and gold would be nice.