Memorial Day Weekend

Woohoo! Its going to be a nice long weekend! Can’t wait for the day to end. I’ll be flying out to Los Angeles and staying there for a few days. I miss home so much!

From there, M and I will be flying to New York…believe it or not, my FIRST time in the East Coast. Hopefully it’ll be warm and sunny.

Will update when I get back in 1 week!


Praying for Sun

Mike and I are heading down to LA tonight. Can’t wait to be home…can’t wait for some good grub…can’t wait to see family…cant wait to see friends…and praying for some SUN.

I was hoping to go to the beach, but it looks like its going to be a cold weekend 😦

On a happy note, I’m wearing my new crocheted ice cream necklace. Sooo cute! I’m totally lovin it. Its handmade from this girl named Emi in Santa Monica. I choose the colors and I’m glad the mint chips came out nicely!

Hand Crocheted Ice Cream Necklace