Turquoise Stitch Earrings and GG’s Earrings

Memorial Day weekend was great. I haven’t updated and will do that soon. (Its already Father’s Day weekend!). TIme flies so quickly.

I’ve made some new earrings. When I was down in LA, I gave some necklaces to my sister at her BBQ. GG (great grandmother) from my sister’s husband’s side was there. She’s always so cute and happy and gives everyone these big kisses. She loved the necklace my sister got so I thought she’d be happy if I made her some thing too.  These simple and dangly earrings would look so cute on her. While I was at it, I also made another pair for my friend Gilles’ mom.

The second pair was started from wanting to use up some tuquoise beads my sister gave me. I used deep red seed beads to create a Flat Peyote stitch. Using this a component, I attahced 3 turqouise beads to create a dangly effect. I am so proud of this piece. The design is all original from me, and the ultimate question I ask myself is, “would you buy these if you saw them at a store.” Without bias, my immediate response is “YES!”

Turquoise Stitch Earrings





GG’s Earrings





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